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Perseid Meteor Shower - SOLD OUT!

Photograph the Perseid Meteor Shower in Joshua Tree National Park. 

Package includes B&B Style Lodging and Lightroom Processing the following morning.  

We know the best spots in the park (Avoid the Crowds!)

Class size limited to 3. 


  • Lodging in Joshua Tree, California
  • Training on Astro-Photography
  • Training on Milky Way Photography
  • Lightroom Training
  • Optimal Camera Setup, including lens selection 
  • Training on optimal RAW setting


Our workshops require that you have a DLSR (or Mirrorless!) camera which allows for manual settings of Aperture, Exposure duration and ISO. The camera should support interchangeable lenses - FAST (2.8F or faster) and WIDE (20MM or wider, 14MM is preferable) are best for nighttime photography (lenses can be rented on-line). You will also need to bring a laptop (for processing your sequences). Once you've registered I will send you a list of download instructions for the software which is used in the workshop. 

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