2018 Wildflower Weekend Photography Tours (w/B&B)

In our Weekend B&B Workshops, we explore special places in the National Park. Our weekend workshops cover Wildflower and Landscape Photography. We know the best spots in the Park!

For beginners & experienced photographers alike.

Package includes B&B Style Lodging & lite breakfast. (You are responsible for lunch/dinners, and you'll get to explore the eateries in "Downtown" Joshua Tree) 

Workshop includes

  • 2 nights Lodging and lite breakfast in Joshua Tree, California
  • Wildflower/ Landscape Photography Training
  • Check-in: Friday @ 5pm - Check-out: Sunday @ 11am
  • Training on Optimal Camera settings and Setup, including lens selection 
  • Includes 2 Photography Sessions in the park with our expert guide.
  • Post-processing training if desired (Sunday AM)- using the Adobe Lightroom
  • Lunch/Dinners not included

Price (USD) : $499.00
includes 2 Nights B&B lodging in joshua tree

(Price include queen bed - w/accommodations for 1 or 2 persons. Non-Photographer spouse can attend for free - even in the park!)



 LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS: You can bring any type of camera to our Landscape workshops. Digital DSLR cameras are best, but any camera will work just fine. We can even capture amazing images with your iPhone!! A Tripod is helpful, but not required. If you have a Digital camera, bring all of your lens - Wide, Zoom and Telephoto lenses all work well.