Tripods and Accessories

Tripods are a very important accessory for the serious photographer and timelapser.
Choose wisely. It will make a difference every day you are shooting!

here are some of my favorite accessories 


DPReview did a Tripod shoot-out, and Sirui did very well. I have been using them now for years, in very harsh conditions - including supporting Motion Control equipment. They cost much less than other brand names, but they handle the workload very well. Try them out. And they weigh jsut about the same as expensive carbon-fiber tripods. 

Sirui makes a crate Ball Head. I have used them in the desert and Iceland for years and they has never frozen up or gotten jammed with grit - never. They are smooth and stable and handle a DLSR + Lens just fine. And they have the notch for doing vertical panoramas!  Hint: Standardize on the Arca-Swiss style mounting plate for all of your accessories - They are afforadable and strong.

While Lightroom has gotten very good and corrective exposure issues in post, it is much better to manage environment light in-camera. The Lee system is very flexible and can handle different lighting situations - from contrasty sunsets and sunrises, the Auoras in a pitch back scene. Make sure to get the filter holder and adaptor ring for each specific lens you will be using them with. 

PETZL makes some great headlamps. Make sure to get one that is hands free - because you'll be busy setting up your equipment. 

When traveling with your gear, it is important to make sure it is well protected. The Think Tank camera bag is well designed to keep your gear secure. It is also the right size so that you can carry it on most flights. But if you do have to check it at the gate - then at least you've done what you can to protect it!

Manfrotto (Previously Kata) Backpacks are different from the rest. They are rugged and well thought out in terms of how you store your gear. I've used them for years, and I've even checked them in on international flights. They fit as carry-on for WOW airlines (You pay a luggage feee, but you get to bring them on the plane with you). 


USB power packs are getting better and better. This EasyAcc stores 20,000 mAh of power - which can charge an iPhone 7 5-6 times. You also want to get the wall charger unit (extra) because it provides two charging cables so you can charge the unit twice as fast. 


When you really need to stop the light - like at Diamond Beach in Iceland - the Little Stopper is the correct ND Filter. Once you get it, you'll find a ton of places to use it - you'll seek out the locations - and your photography will be better as a result. 

Golf bags are great for carrying tripods and sliders  - as well as winter clothes, boots and jackets. And on some airlines golf bags fly for free. DO NOT put electronic equipment in there (no cameras or lenses), 

more accessories coming soon