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Lightroom Workflow
& Presets

I've put together a document which describes my Lightroom workflow - for Landscape and Night-Photography. I've also included Presets which I use for Landscape and Night sky images.

My goal is show you how to become proficient in Lightroom - which has become a very powerful image editing environment.   


Casey Kiernan


Installing Lightroom Presets

  1. Click the Lightroom Presets link above and save the ZIP file to your desktop.

  2. In Lightroom, select Menu: Lightroom > Preferences and click on the [PRESET] button.

  3. Click on [Show Lightroom Presets Folder] Button

  4. This will launch the Mac Finder (or PC Explorer)

  5. Click on the [Lightroom] folder.

  6. Click on the [Develop Presets] folder.

  7. Copy the downloaded ZIP file into the [Develop Presets] folder and expand it. It will create a [Joshua Tree Workshops] Folder containing a number of presets.

  8. Then you will need to Restart Lightroom.

In Lightroom. choose an image (Library mode) and press “D” (Develop Mode). Then expand the Presets Panel (left hand side - Develop Mode) and choose one of the presets within the Joshua Tree Workshops folder.

The image will change based upon the preset. You will see the effect of the Preset by the changes in the sliders. You can further alter the image by making regular changes to the image as defined in this document.

To undo the changes made by the preset, use Menu EDIT -> UNDO. Or, in Develop Mode, press the [RESET] button (lower right) to remove all adjustments from the image.